LIVE ENTERTAINMENT Competition Rules: is looking for local artists/performers/Dj's to put up their hands and grab the opportunity to perform on a platform in Bloemfontein to expand their reach, gain a following and position themselves to stand a chance to win from a prize pool of R10 000. 

There will be two artists performing each week on a Sunday and Monday night from 18:00 until 22:00. The full four hour set does not have to be completed, but is recommended to allow for more people to attend.

What needs to be done to get selected?

1. Please fill out the form below

2. Please send a video, demo or voicenote of what it is that you do to 0671953829, with your name attached.

3. Only local artist in and around Bloemfontein may compete

4. Equipment will be supplied by the artist/band/performer/DJ.

How to win?

How the artist/band/performer wins this competition is simple. The act that gets the most positive attention wins. Which includes ;

1. Number of people in the restaurant at time of performance (60%)

2. Social Media feedback when video of performance is posted. (40%)

How will you know if you made it?

We will contact you back as soon as we can, CLOSING DATE WILL BE THE 20th of JANUARY.

The performances will start in the first week of February! To create extra hype/awareness of your band performing Kalahari.Fish will weekly post which bands are performing and encourage our social media platforms to come out and support, reaching well over 10 000 people.

If you have any more questions, please send us a message on the website, or Whatsapp us on 0671953829.

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