• Melvin Geldenhuys

Why Black Friday?

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

This is our Black Friday Special

Why is it called Black Friday you ask?

According to Wikipedia, Black Friday was the name used for the shopping day after Thanksgiving, which isn't really celebrated in South Africa. According to sources black Friday was actually used to describe a negative shopping experience the day after Thanksgiving and also things like the stock market crashing on "Black Monday". This later on got changed to being something positive when the retailers and marketers started using the name Black Friday to reflect their successes, because the accountants use the colour black to signify a profit and the colour red to signify a loss. So in other words, Black Friday now means profitable Friday.

It's interesting how these trends only seem to catch flame in South Africa years later and now the consumer has a day in the year where they also get spoiled with ridiculous specials and sales on products they would've had to save up a lot longer for. Black Friday is also great for stimulating the economy by getting more consumers spending money on this weekend.

I hope and trust that this insightful news was of value to you and thank you for being part of the Kalahari Family!

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